RaeLynn’s Style Send September

Style Send

Hi guys ! I have had so many questions over on my Instagram about the RaeLynn’s Style Send package I received. For those of you that don’t know RaeLynn’s Boutique is local here in Indianapolis and one of my favorite places to shop ! They recently started a program called RaeLynn’s Style Send where they provide you with your own personal stylist and ship hand picked items to your house based on the information provided on your application.

So, how does it work??? First, you fill out your application and decide how often you want a Style Send package sent to your house. You can do it quarterly, biannually, or monthly. I chose the monthly package. It is $7.95 for your first package, and then $10.95 for any following packages. These charges are mainly just to pay for shipping. Once you have filled out your application, a stylist will contact you to ask you questions based on your application responses to make sure they can find what is best for you and your lifestyle! They also want to work with you and your budget, which is awesome! Then they will hand pick items for you and send about 5-6 things!

Once you receive your package, you keep what you want and send back what you don’t (they even provide a return shipping label so it is hassle free). I just reused the bag they sent me and placed my shipping label over the old one. You can keep all of it or none of it, whatever you want ! Also, you have to send the items back within 5 days of receiving the package if you do not want to be charged for them. RaeLynn’s will charge you for the items you keep, however if you keep three or more items, you will receive 15% off the total. They send an invoice like the one below with the  package that shows you a breakdown of the prices before and after the discount! IMG_5059

That’s about as simple as it gets. I also received a very detailed and personalized letter from my stylist, which is so meaningful to me. They also keep track of your previous purchases, so she gave me suggestions on how I can style my new items with ones I’ve already bought! You can read the letter below:fullsizeoutput_11f9

Alright, so heres the fun part! I figured I would link all the items that my stylist sent to me and kind of review them for you all! Some of these images are from RaeLynn’s website because I am not a professional photographer and want you all to get a good idea of the items ! I do not own the rights to any of these photos and they are property of RaeLynn’s Boutique, however I have received permission to use them. I will attach a hyperlink for all items that are in-stock on their website and have the link to the application at the end ! rss2

This is the Basically Perfect Seafoam Tank. It is a very comfortable, loose-fitting, racerback tank! I wore it out with shorts the day I got it and two people thought my underwear was hanging out (whoops). So after the second person made a comment, I decided to tuck it in the front, so everyone was aware it was a shirt, not a dress… and that my shorts weren’t underwear… haha. I also wore it to work last night with my favorite leggings from RaeLynn’s. Unfortunately, the leggings are sold out online,  otherwise I would link them. However if you live in Indy, you HAVE to go to RaeLynn’s and get a pair. They are the softest things ever and pass the bend test !!! I believe they are only $12, also. But back to the shirt, I chose to keep this because it will look good with just about anything and you can style it many different ways. You can wear it with shorts, leggings, jeans, etc. You can also use it as a bathing suit cover up in the summer. Very versatile. (Size M).


So my stylist paired the seafoam tank with this Catch LA Denim Jacket, which I also wore out the day I got it and the two do, indeed, work well together. I have always wanted a jean jacket and almost bought this one last time I was at RaeLynn’s! I chose against it because it was still warm out and I didn’t NEED it at the time. This jacket is very comfortable and I love the distressed look. This is perfect for those of us who are transitioning into colder weather. (Size L)


The last piece of this outfit are these Staple Shoes. They are on sale for $12 right now and you can find them here ! I wore these shoes around for a day, and agree with Halee (my stylist) that they are super comfortable. The ties in the back are such a cute detail. My pinky toe did start to get irritated toward the end of the day, but I think they just need to be broken in a little bit. I always get cute wedged sandals from RaeLynn’s and they never disappoint. I also love that these are neutral and go with just about anything ! Oh… and meet my cat, Loveland. She’s nozy, but too cute for me to crop her out of the picture. (Size 6.5)


So this Brick Street Sweater is super soft and comfortable. It is thin and somewhat see-through, so she paired it with a bralette. The picture here makes it look more of a reddish color, but it was more of an orangish red, like a brick haha. This was the only item I chose to send back. I really did like it, but I wasn’t completely in love with it so I didn’t NEED it. The sleeves were long, which I like because it makes it feel more cozy. I would definitely recommend getting it still. It looked super cute when I tried it on! (Size M)rss5

This is the Under Matters Bralette that was paired with the sweater. The color I was sent was called midnight, but the one pictured here is cocoa. Midnight is sold out and cocoa is the only one left of the style I was sent. There are other bralettes available on the site and you can view them here. I haven’t tried out the other ones, but I absolutely love this one. I have a big chest (34DD) and this bralette fully supports me and is super comfortable. I also feel like it gives a little extra cleavage with the way it is designed. Since I work at Victoria’s Secret, I LOVE wearing bralettes with clothes that kind of show them off. This one is perfect to wear with an off-the-shoulder sweater or just when you don’t feel like wearing a real bra (lets be honest, many people would rather not). (Size L).rss1

Last, but not least we have this Free People Dupe Sweater. I originally was going to send this back and keep the other sweater because I felt that this one looked too baggy on me. When I went to package everything up, I tried them both on again and this one actually looked really cute with the shorts I was wearing and it is super thick. I hate being cold, so I like things that are going to keep me warm! This sweater is also super soft, so I had to keep it. I feel that it is more of a bluish gray in real life as opposed to the photo, so it can go with just about anything as well ! It also has lantern sleeves which, according to my stylist, is “in” right now! (Size M)

Well, that is it for this post about RaeLynn’s Style Send! If have any questions just comment and I will do my best to help you out. If I have you convinced that RaeLynn’s Style Send is something you need in your life, you can go to the application here. RaeLynn’s was awesome enough to give me a discount code for you all so that your first style send package is FREE! You will only have to pay for the items you keep ! Just enter the code FREEFIRST when you go to check out and before you enter your card number ! You will still have to enter a card number, despite the first package being free, as that is what they will use as your payment for the items you choose to keep ! Comment with any questions and let me know if you want to see what my next package contains ! Thank you all for reading 🙂

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