Tula Skin Care

I have seen so many bloggers that I follow post about using Tula and how it is the best skincare line they have used! As someone who often struggles with blackheads and pimples, I had to see if this stuff really worked….


I originally had a post on my blog about Clinique and how much I loved using their products. However, after using this trial kit and seeing the difference, I had to take it down. I’m not going to lie, Clinique was good to me for many years, but Tula has made a change that no other product has.

I had scrolled through my feed several times and discovered Tula posted on Instagram. I checked their website often, however didn’t want to fork out the money to buy the products (they’re not very “pocket friendly” for a college student). One day an Instagram ad popped up for a Tula Trial Kit for only $19, so I immediately bought it. I had scrolled through the Tula website many, many times, however never managed to stumble upon this amazing kit.

tula trial

The kit comes with a purifying face cleanser, revitalizing eye cream, hydrating day and night cream, and an exfoliating treatment mask. The kit says to use all of the products twice a day, except for the mask. The mask should be used twice a week. Because of my experience with products in the past, I only used the products once a day to start off. Sometimes my face gets dry when washing it too much and/or switching products, so I didn’t want to irritate it.

You should start off by washing your face with the Purifying Face Cleanser. I use warm water to open the pores on my face and get the best “clean” possible. I just use a normal wash rag as well. I used to use cotton rounds, but I got tired of buying them and they’re messier (plus it’s better for the environment). After I wash my face, I let it air dry and then apply the Hydrating Day and Night Cream. Once that dries, I gently pat a pea-sized ball of the Revitalizing Eye Cream under my eyes and rub it on the top lid. I’ll be honest, it burned the first time I used it, however I never noticed any skin irritation that occurred. I have scheduled myself to use the Exfoliating Treatment Mask on Wednesdays and Sundays, or whatever days I end up washing my hair. I just apply it to my whole face and let set for 10 minutes before I get in the shower. I leave it on my face until I have finished shampooing my hair and have conditioner soaking in it. I’m not really sure if it makes a difference how long you leave it on, but I have always washed my face while I am letting my conditioner soak, so I didn’t change my routine for these products. The bottle recommends only leaving it on for five to ten minutes.  *All the products linked to in this paragraph are the “full-sized” version*

The trial kit that I have been using has lasted me for over a month. However, I probably skip washing my face once or twice a week, and I usually only do it once a day. The full-sized bottle of the face cleanser will last a long time. Many bloggers I follow mentioned they only need to buy it twice a year, which is probably what I will do. Tula has a subscription option where you can have the products automatically sent to your house every one, two, or three months and you will save 10% on the overall cost ! My life is so all over the place, and since I’m not sure how much I am going to use just yet, I opted out this time around.

calcium deposit




So as you can see in the above pictures (ignore my hideous eyebrows), I had a calcium deposit under my left eye. I never really took a picture of it, so I had to cipher through all of my photos to find some pics that kind of showed it. They’re not the best photos, but it will do. I also wanted to include a photo of all my dark spots, so you can see how much they’ve improved!  Here is a picture of my face after using Tula for a month.

I had just washed my face before these photos, which explains why it is a little red. But you can see a noticeable difference in my skin complexion and the calcium deposit is now gone (my eyebrows aren’t hideous anymore either, haha). I typically have many noticeable dark spots on the right side of my mouth, as that is a problem area for pimples. You can see by these pictures that my dark spots are hardly noticeable anymore. I also get “hormonal” acne and this past month, I only had a total of three pimples that arose. They didn’t stick around as long as usual either, which is phenomenal. I also wanted to mention the darkness under my eyes is due to make-up. I didn’t use my make-up remover on my eyes before I washed my face, so it didn’t come all the way off !

It’s quite ironic because I subconsciously thought to myself when I first applied the eye cream, “maybe these probiotics will make this thing go away”. I really wish I had taken an up close picture before it disappeared. I honestly didn’t even realize it disappeared until I was doing my makeup one day and saw that it was gone ! I would recommend doing before and after pictures for anyone who tries these products so you can see for yourself the impact Tula has on your skin !

The awesome probiotic technology that Tula uses helps to balance your skin! You can learn more about the ingredients used in their products HERE. All the products are free from phthalates, paragons, petrolatum, propylene glycol and mineral oil. They’re also cruelty free ♥

I decided to place an order for the full-size Purifying Face Cleanser and Hydrating Day and Night Cream after using the Trial Kit. I figured that I would run out of those first, however I still have some from the Trial Kit left. I am running out of the Exfoliating Treatment Mask and plan to place an order this week to get more !

This combination of products might not be for everyone! There are many different products to try based on what your skin needs, however this is the only trial kit that is under $50. The Tula website also has a skin quiz to provide you with product recommendations if you need additional help! First time customers can use this link to get 20% off a purchase of $30 or more ! There is also free shipping with a $50 purchase! I do feel like these products can be a little pricey, especially if you’re buying them all at once. As an alternate, I chose to purchase the four products from the trial kit in 2 different purchases so I didn’t have to spend so much in one transaction. They also sent me free samples with my package! It included the Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pad and a travel size Probiotic Hand and Nail Therapy. I haven’t tried them yet, but let me know if you would like a review when I do!

I apologize that it took so long to get this post up!!! It’s getting to that point in the semester where everything is going haywire and a million things are due (especially long, time-consuming papers). As always, feel free to comment with any questions about Tula or if you have any ideas for future blog posts! Thank you all for reading.


P.S. Photos might be deceiving (when it comes to the side of the face I am referring to) because iPhone cameras switch your face around depending on if you use the front or the back camera (and I have used both). Sorry if there is any confusion 🙂

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