Skin Care Favorites


I wanted my first beauty post to be about this amazing set of products from Clinique. For the last three years this is what I have sworn by. I haven’t ventured out much in trying other products because this one seems to do justice. For those of you who don’t know about Clinique, they base your products off of your skin type. You can find out your skin type here. I am a “Type 3” and use the 3 products pictured above. First you wash your face with the liquid soap, then use the clarifying lotion. The last step is to use the dramatically different moisturizing gel (DDMG) (or lotion for other skin types). The DDMG is my all time favorite product. It is the lightest face moisturizer that I have ever used.

Clinique tells you to use these products twice a day, however when I first started using it, it dried my face out. I try to use this once a day, however I fall off sometimes because I’m really just too tired to wash my face haha (it happens). If I don’t feel like using all three steps, I just use step 2 and 3 (clarifying lotion and DDMG). I strongly recommend that everyone try this product. I always shop at Ulta, which sells an introduction kit where you can sample the products for less than $20. You can find some of them here. That is what I did initially and then they won me over. They also have a special right now that if you buy $40 worth of Clinique product you get a trial size 3-step kit for free. However they only have steps two and three in stock right now 😦 It is also “while supplies last” so make sure to go check it out before they’re all gone!!! If any of you have tried out these products let me know & tell me how they worked out for you!

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