RaeLynn’s Style Send October

Hey everyone! It’s that time of the month again…. time for my Style Send post!!! I received my October RaeLynn’s Style Send package and wanted to share it all with you !!!! I know many of you had questions about it when I first signed up so I thought I’d share another post with my second Style Send goodies 🙂 Still absolutely loving this service and if I don’t have you convinced to sign up by the end of this post, then I guess you’ll just never know the pleasure of having your own stylist. Unless you’re Kim K or something (rolls eyes).

Anyways, I wanted to start of by apologizing for my inconsistency in posting as I work full-time (most weeks) and attend nursing school full-time. It is hard to find the time to post when I am often not home and studying when I am. I have so many posts coming your way related to product reviews, but just have to take the time to write them. I will try to consistently post at least once a week (schedule permitting).

But back to Style Send… If you didn’t read my first post, I explained how Style Send works and some of the great benefits of it. You can check it out here if you have any questions or want to sign up.

Just like last month, Halee (my stylist) emailed me asking if I had anything specific I was wanting or any big events I am going to, etc. She did an amazing job picking out things that worked well for me and this upcoming month. Did I mention I didn’t even have to leave my house to get new clothes for fall ?! So amazing since I hardly have time to go anywhere; let alone shop.

Outfit 1: Cinnamon Spice

style send2

This Important Things Sweater Tank is really just to die for. The color of the one I got is called red bean, however it comes in charcoal too! This is very versatile and can be worn all year round. I absolutely love clothes that I can keep in my closet throughout the seasons. It’s such a task trying to switch clothes in and out with my busy schedule. I actually tried this on the last time I was at RaeLynn’s, but I felt that it didn’t look right on me. Paired with the jacket Halee sent me, it was a no brainer that I had to keep it. She also told me to pair it with my jean jacket from last month, and the pair look amazing. The link for this tank will display both colors so you can decide which one you like best; or you can click on link for the individual colors if you already know which one you want ! Size: M

style send2.3

Of course my tank was paired with a bralette. We don’t need a peep-show over here, haha. This Under Matters Bralette is the same one I got last month (size L), just a different color. As I explained in my last post, I wear a 34DD and it is not easy to find comfortable and supportive bralettes. This one definitely has my approval and I could wear it all the time. It also gives me a little cleavage and makes my boobs look really nice for a bralette (just being honest).  I probably have enough bras and bralettes to wear a new one every day for at least 2 months. I know I have over 30 bras, but have never counted all my bralettes. I’m actually trying to get rid of some on my Poshmark. Its not a problem, I swear…

Ok, maybe just a little…

This Cinnamon Apples Jacket completes outfit one. This is the jacket you have to have. I’m really not lying. IT IS SUEDE. Literally the softest thing in my closet presently. The pictures do not even do it justice. Plus, take a look at the inside detail !!!style send2.455

Soooo beautiful. This jacket is just like all the expensive moto jackets your favorite bloggers are posting about, except it is only $40 ($34 with the Style Send 15% discount). I did go to RaeLynn’s on Sunday to try on a size M because the sleeves are long on this size L, however the L fit me better in the shoulders. I just rolled the sleeves up a bit and all problems were solved. Plus this amazing interior gets shown off by doing that. Size: L

Outfit 2: Fall Matters

style send2.5

WHO DOESN’T LOVE SHIRT DRESSES? AND POCKETS ?!?!?! This OMG We’re Back Again Shirt Dress is so comfortable. Again, versatility; it can be worn all year long ! Right now, I’m probably just going to wear it as it, but as winter comes around I can pair it with some stockings or leggings. The best thing about this dress is that it covers by butt ! It’s always trying to come out of my shorts or peep out of my dresses, but not with this !!!! It is long enough that i don’t have to worry about that and it is loose enough that I don’t have to constantly pull it down. But really, the pockets are the best part. I LOVE pockets!!!. This color is Marsala, however if you want to check out other colors you can do so hereSize M.

style send2.2

It’s not quite time for this, but I will definitely need this Cold Weather Beanie before long. I’ve seen these beanies at RaeLynn’s many times, but I usually wear my hair up so I get those little knitted head wraps that cover my ears. I am trying to not be as “bummy” as usual and make myself look more presentable, so this will be good for the days when I have my hair down! Plus, this one matches basically anything. If you want to check out the other color options, you can do so here. Size: OS


These shoes complete outfit two, however they can go with any of the outfits ! Halee told me that some of the girls from RaeLynn’s wore these for hours while walking around LA and they were comfortable all day. I haven’t worn them yet, so I cannot attest. I plan to soon; weather permitting. I absolutely love the dual buckle and the color just goes with everything! Unfortunately these are sold out as of today, but here is the link in case they restock! Size: 6.5

Outfit 3: Vegas, Vegas, Vegas

style send2.1

I am going to Vegas in about a week and so I wanted something nice and new to wear while I’m there! This Be-All Trend-All dress is definitely going to help me fit in the Vegas environment. It is a little snug on the booty, but I can still wear it without worrying about my butt hanging out (or worse, ripping it). I haven’t taken my measurements since I started this whole vegan thing (school project), but some people have said I look like I’ve lost weight. My “before” measurement on my hips/butt was 45 inches, so as long as you’re under that then you should be able to fit into any of the sizes. It is super flattering and comfy so I cannot wait to wear it 🙂 Size: L

Well, this concludes my second style send post. I appreciate you sticking through to the end because I know that it is long. I didn’t include Halee’s letter this time or the invoice. If you’re curious, all seven items totaled to $170.08 (after tax and with the Style Send discount). Feel free to comment with any questions about the service or products or if you want to continue seeing these posts! If you’re interested in signing up, you can check out my first Style Send post linked at the top^ to get your first package for free 🙂 Thanks again & keep checking back for a new skincare post coming soon!